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A bear with a sore headA farm with its stockA word with youAre you through with the jobBandy words withBargain withBe at odds with fateBe round with oneBear withBoard withBone to pick with some oneBorn with silver spoon in mouthBreak bread withBroken down with misfortuneBubble over or bubble with laughterBubble with wrathBurst sides with laughingBurst with envyBurst with joyCall cousins withCan do anything with himCast in one's lot withCaught with chaffCome off with flying coloursDine with Duke humpherye was very short with meFight with one's bread and butterFly with the owlGet in wrong with personGo with the streamGo with time or tideHard to work withHave no truck withHave patience withHe answered with a plump noHe swept his audience along with himHe was seized with panicHe was seized with remorseHoist with his own petardHold with the hare and run with the houndHorse with plenty of bonesI agree with you in substanceI am out with himI stand well with himIt is all up with himKeep in touch withKeep pace withKeep step with a personKill two birds with one stoneKill with kindnessLay it on thick or with a towelLay it on with a trowelLike a hen with one chickenMake one's peace withOut of patience withPath strewn with rosesPick a quarrel withPinched with coldPoint one with his wartsReckon withRest withRise with the larkRub shoulders withSaw with half an eyeSend one away with a flea in his earServe with the same sauceShine with reflected lightSmite with the tongueSpeak with one's tongue in one's cheekStatement with many qualificationsSwell with prideSwim with the tide and streamTake in withTake up withTake with a grain of saltTakes freedoms withTarred with the same brushThere, I agree with youThrow in one's lot withTo be all over with oneTo be in account withTo be marked with a TTo rise with the sunTogether withTold the story with much unctionToy withTrifle withWell-wadded with cocietWill be open with youWith a light heartWith a vegeanceWith a willWith an ace ofWith bad graceWith his hackles upWith might and mainWith one consentWith one voiceWith one's back to the wallWith one's whole heartWith open armsWith open eyesWith reference toWith religious careWith scant courtesyWith sedulous careWoman with a pastWoudl not touch him with a barge poleWould not touch with a pair of tongs
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