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Back upBe mixed upBe sewed or sewed upBear upBeat up eggsBeat up the quarters offBob up like a corkBottle upBrace onself upBring up on the bottleBring up the rearBuck, Buck upButter upCatch up a habitCatch up speakerChum upClean upCrack upCut up roughCut up wellDish upDressed up to the ninesEnd upFed upFill upFlame upFlare upFollow up the scentGet the wind upGet up steamGet-upGive me a leg upHas not a leg to stand upHave a plan up one's sleevesHe lives up to his incomeHe needs stirring upHis blood is upHis blood was upHush upIs up against a hard jobIt is all up with himKeep one's wicket upKeep up the ballKeep your pecker upKey upKick upKick up a shindyMake or kick up a rowMix upOwn upPerk upPick up fleshPick up spiritPiece upPour oil up on troubled watersPreach upPrick up one's earsPull upPull up by the rootsPull up stakesPull up your socksPut one up to the ropesRing upRoll upRoll up one's sleevesRough one up the wrong wayRound upScrew up one's courageServe upSet upSet up another's bristlesSet up one's bristlesSew upSew up one's stockingShake upShut upSit upSize upSlap upSmash upSpeak upStand up toStart upStir up the mudStrike up an acquaintanceString upStuck upStuck-upSuck upSumming upTake up armsTake up one's parableTake up the threadTake up withTather up the threadsThe cigar is not up to muchThe management wants screwing upThrow up the spongeThumbs upTie upTone upToss upTrump upTumble upTune upTurn up again like a bad half-pennyTurn up again like a bad half-penny.Turn up one`s nose atTurn up trumpsUp in armsUp to dateUp to the chin, chin deepWhat is upWind up companyWith his hackles upWrite upYield up the ghost
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