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A hard row to hoeA nut to crackA peg to hang onA pill to cure an earthquake.Accessary to a crimeAccording toAccording to his own storyAdd little to a little and it will be a great heapAll is fish that comes to (his) netAll is grist that comes to his millAlways has to be waited forAm wet to the skinAn ax to grindAny stick to beat a dogArmed to the teethAs far as toAs toBe hard put to itBe raised to the benchBites his nails to the quickBlind toBone to pick with some oneBound to winBring home toBring to bearBring to bookBring to lightBring to one's sensesBring to passBring to termsBrings grist to the millBrings water to one's mouthCall attention toCall to accountCall to mindCan turn his hand to anythingCannot, is not, fit to hold a candle onChained to the oarChilled to the marrowCome to a headCome to close quartersCome to griefCome to gripsCome to passCome to stayCome to termsContrary to expectationCry one-self to sleepCtoop to conquerCurses come home to roostCut one`s nose to spite one`s faceDevote to the flamesDo not appear toDressed up to the ninesDriven from pillar to postExalts to the skiesFreeze on toFrom first to lastFrom hand to mouthFrom stem to sternFrom time to timeFrom top to toeFrom year to yearGenerous to a faultGive child something to cry forGive Kickshaw to ha hungry personGive one rope enough to hang himselfGive reign to imaginationGive the cold shoulder toGive wide berth toGo to gloryGo to JerichoGo to rackGo to sleepGo to the devlGone to his accountGrant a respite toGreek to meHard nut to crackHard row to hoeHard to work withHas come to stayHas not a leg to stand upHasn't a word to throw at a dogHave a good mind toHave recourse toHave recourse to armsHave the grace toHave two strings to one's bowHe answers to the descriptionHe lives up to his incomeHe was hard put to it to keep them offHitch one's wagon to a starHold, keep one's nose to the grind stone.I do not seem to like himI have a word to sa,I have yet to learnI purpose to arrange an interviewI write hurriedly to save the postIf it comes to the worstImpervious to argumentIn addition toIs a sealed book to meIs a stranger to meIs a Tory to the quickIt does not appeal to practical mindIt is all one to meIt is all the same to meIt is not my place to enquire thatit is safe to sayIt stands to reasonKeep one`s nose to the grind stoneKeep your breath to cool your porridgeLaud to the skiesLay axe to rootLay siege toLeave much to be disiredLight come light to goLost to the sense of dutyMartyr to goutMore power to your elbowNail colour to mostNail to counter barn doorNext to nothingNot fit to hold a candle toNot have word to throw at dogNot room to swing a catNot to be sneezed atNot to mentionNothing to make a song aboutOther fish to fryOwls to AthensPare nail to the quickPin one's faith toPlay to the galleryPole to polePoliteness is much to seek among themPound to jellyPound to piecesProbed it to the quickPut an end or stop toPut one to shamePut one up to the ropesPut one wise toPut one's hand to the ploughPut or set one's shoulder to wheelPut person to his trumpsPut to rightsPut to the rackRead toReason oneself to perplexityReduce anomalies to ruleReduce rule to practiceReduce to absurdity.Remember me kindly to himRepeated from mouth to mouthRespect due to his clothRide one's horse to deathRise to a point of orderRise to the occasionRobbing Peter to pay PaulRoyal road toRun to meet one's troublesSail close to the windSaturday to MondaySchool yourself to patienceSee eye to eyeSee eye to eye (with)See or think fit toSet toSettle down to dinnerShoulder to shoulderSix to oneSo to speakStand up toStick toStick to one's gunsStick to one's lastStone to deathStoop to conquerStrip one to the skinSurrender to one's bailSwift to angerTake a fancy toTake heed toTake toTake to taskTalk to person like Dutch uncleTeach your grandmother to suck eggTell that to the horse marinesTell that to the jewsTen to one he forgets itThanks toThe cigar is not up to muchThe devil to prayThe insult stung him to the quickThe practice threatens to become generalThe war to end warThe weakest goes to the wallThe wish is father to the thoughtThis was meat and drink to himThrow a sprat to catch a herringTied to apronTied to woman's apronTo a hairTo a person's costTo all appearanceTo and froTo atTo be all over with oneTo be called to the barTo be full-bloodedTo be in account withTo be in sulksTo be left to tender merciesTo be marked with a TTo be slain in actionTo be sureTo bear the bellTo carry a good quillTo cast an evil eyeTo come to a dead stopTo come to blowsTo commit political suicideTo conclude a bargainTo cross the T'sTo do one's possibleTo end in smokeTo err on the safe sideTo feel the pulse ofTo foot the billTo gain one's endsTo give one a fitTo have a qualmTo have bees in the headTo kiss the rodTo know one`s own mindTo make a bonfire ofTo make a legTo make a long faceTo make a long story shortTo make a mess ofTo make obeisanceTo no purposeTo pack cardsTo pack offTo pack sendingTo pretend to the hand of a lady in marriageTo publish the banns of marriageTo rain cats and dogsTo rise with the sunTo satietyTo seekTo settle an accountTo shift one's groundTo shuffle offTo sit on the safety valveTo take oathTo take the airTo the back-boneTo the best of my beliefTo the best of one's powerTo the bitter endTo the contrasyTo the pointTo the purposeTo the top of one's bentTo the tune ofTo turn to accountToo good to be trueTouched him to the quickTow string to one's bowTread or seem to tread on airTumble toTwo strings to one's bowUp to dateUp to the chin, chin deepViolence toWait for the cat to jumpWar to the knifeWedded toWell-to-doWith one's back to the wallWith reference toWork to ruleWould to God thatYield the palm to
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