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Bas-relief or Basso-rilievoOf or non purposePut or set one's shoulder to wheelBy hook or by crookRaise or wake snakesSee or think fit toTake king's or queen's shillingWhether or noA light or empty purseHail, adore or worship, the rising sunRing true or falseShake one's fist or stickThrust one self or one's nose inBite the dust or groundSooner or laterAdma's ale or wineBubble over or bubble with laughterFair or foulGo with time or tidePass over or byServe a process or writYellow men or racesAll very fine or wellCounter-agent or forceDid me a good or bad turnIn the same or wrong boxKnows a thing or twoStep-brother, father or son or sisterWell or ill groundedFatty or fixed oilsOblique narration or speechGird oneself or one's loinsTake in bad or ill partFirst or lastHoly See or See of RomeMovable or personal propertySworn brother or friendUnion jack or flagVariety show or entertainmentBird or passageTake or sign the pledgeAbove cited or mentionedBe on the tenterhooks or on te tenterFool away time or moneyStrike or take rootBy right or rightsMake or kick up a rowTread or seem to tread on airOoze out or awayPut an end or stop toWaking or sleepingYellow fever or JackAsk or look for troubleBetter-orLay it on thick or with a towelMend or endThe frame of society or governmentTread on or as on eggsBe sewed or sewed upBreadth of mind or viewBreak the neck or back ofGo better or one betterMilk the ram or bullA long or heavy purseGood or bad sailerThe robe or the long robeThe upper ten or ten thousandTread on person's corns or toesWaist deep or high
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