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Any one worth his saltAsk one roundBe round with oneBid one welcomeBite off more than one can chewBone to pick with some oneCarry all before oneCarry one of his feetCut one another's throatFool one out of moneyFor one enemy he has a hundred friends.Force upon oneGive as good as one getsGive one a leadGive one a wet shirtGive one ropeGive one rope enough to hang himselfGive one the cueGive one the lie in his throatGive one the slipGo better or one betterGo one betterHas one redeeming featureHave one on toastHis delight had one qualificationI for one do not believe itIs one too many for himIt is all one to meKick one upstairsKill two birds with one stoneLie in the one has madeLike a hen with one chickenMake convenience of oneMake one squealMake one turn in his graveMake one welcomeMake things warm for oneMould one like waxNo better than one should beNo one can touch himOne and allOne by oneOne fine dayOne in a bundredOne in a thousandOne man`s meat is another man`s poisonOne of a thousandOne swallow does not make a summerOne swollow does not make a summerOne the high ropeOne the spotOne-sidedPay one back in the same coinPay one in his own coinPoint one with his wartsPut one in the wrongPut one to shamePut one up to the ropesPut one wise toRough one up the wrong wayRub one the wrong waySell one a pupSend one away with a flea in his earServe one a trickShow one roundShow one the doorSix to oneSome one walking on my graveStink one outStrip one to the skinSuch a oneTake one at his wordTen to one he forgets itThat is a good oneThrow one a kissThrust one self or one's nose inTip one the winkTo be all over with oneTo give one a fitTouches one on the rawTwo heads are beater than oneWith one consentWith one voice
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