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A blow for a blowFor the presentFor the restGood enough for meKill the fatted calf forAm in no trim for rough workAn apparatus for hoisting heavy weightsFeast, sight for the godsFor one enemy he has a hundred friends.Did it for the bestThere is no place for doubtWas all for a trembleYoung for his yearsAs well be hanged for a sheep as for a lambBe dying forCannot see wood for treesDo you take me for a fool?Grow too big for one's bootsIs the worse for wearSpeak well forAccount forAlways has to be waited forBe a fool for one's painsFor all thatFor conscience's sakeFor onceFor one's private earHe sharks for livingMake a rod for one's own backPay for one's whistleTit for tatDig a pit forFor all you sayGive a stone for breadGive child something to cry forI would rather scrub for my livingOh, for wingsSauce for the goose is sauce for the ganderShift for one's selfWeep for companyHas a sneaking kindness for himPut forSubject for rejoicingYou may whistle for itBut for thisFood for thought and meditation.For a changeFor my own sake as well as yoursI tremble for his safetyMake a bid forBargain forHave an eye for proportionMake things warm for oneRide for a fallSold it for a songFor better for worseFor certainFor the time beingOnce for allWould not do it for the worldAs will be hanged for a sheep as for a lambDid it for mere wantonnessFor the most partI for one do not believe itIn forIs one too many for himLook for a needle in a bottle of hayCannot do it for the life of meGet thrashing for one's painsGo for wool and come home shornSay a good word forSubject for ridiculeThings look hard for youWhistle for a windGlutton for workGod is for the big battalionsI am pushed for moneyLook out for squallsUncalled forWait for the cat to jumpYou must take it for what it is worthAsk or look for troubleHold brief forI tremble for himTake my word for itToo beautiful for wordsToss forA penny for your thoughtsFor my partHave an eye for artI am pushed for timeReckon forThe pindal is seated for 5000Alas for himFor old sake's sakeFor pity's sakeMake the place too hot forPull forSale for the account
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