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A blow for a blowA penny for your thoughtsAccount forAlas for himAlways has to be waited forAm in no trim for rough workAn apparatus for hoisting heavy weightsAs well be hanged for a sheep as for a lambAs will be hanged for a sheep as for a lambAsk or look for troubleBargain forBe a fool for one's painsBe dying forBut for thisCannot do it for the life of meCannot see wood for treesDid it for mere wantonnessDid it for the bestDig a pit forDo you take me for a fool?Feast, sight for the godsFood for thought and meditation.For a changeFor all thatFor all you sayFor better for worseFor certainFor conscience's sakeFor my own sake as well as yoursFor my partFor old sake's sakeFor onceFor one enemy he has a hundred friends.For one's private earFor pity's sakeFor the most partFor the presentFor the restFor the time beingGet thrashing for one's painsGive a stone for breadGive child something to cry forGlutton for workGo for wool and come home shornGod is for the big battalionsGood enough for meGrow too big for one's bootsHas a sneaking kindness for himHave an eye for artHave an eye for proportionHe sharks for livingHold brief forI am pushed for moneyI am pushed for timeI for one do not believe itI tremble for himI tremble for his safetyI would rather scrub for my livingIn forIs one too many for himIs the worse for wearKill the fatted calf forLook for a needle in a bottle of hayLook out for squallsMake a bid forMake a rod for one's own backMake the place too hot forMake things warm for oneOh, for wingsOnce for allPay for one's whistlePull forPut forReckon forRide for a fallSale for the accountSauce for the goose is sauce for the ganderSay a good word forShift for one's selfSold it for a songSpeak well forSubject for rejoicingSubject for ridiculeTake my word for itThe pindal is seated for 5000There is no place for doubtThings look hard for youTit for tatToo beautiful for wordsToss forUncalled forWait for the cat to jumpWas all for a trembleWeep for companyWhistle for a windWould not do it for the worldYou may whistle for itYou must take it for what it is worthYoung for his years
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