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A friend at courtA laugh at one's expenseAll at onceAt a pinchAt a premiumAt a stretchAt all eventsAt all hazardsAt all rightsAt all timesAt any rateAt bestAt choiceAt dath's doorAt first sightAt issueAt mostAt oddsAt onceAt once stern and tenderAt one's disposalAt one's wits endAt one's wit's endAt parAt randomAt restAt roostAt sixes and sevensAt the back ofAt the first blushAt the same timeAt the worstAt timesAt worstAt your serviceAt-homeBarrister-at-lawBe at a person's beck and callBe at odds with fateBe at one' bestBe at one's bestBe at the bottom ofBite one's thumb atBlind at nightBlush at sightBurn candle at both endsCat my look at kingCatch at a shadowCatch at a strawCatch at a tartarFly off at tangentGentleman at largeHasn't a word to throw at a dogHave a fling atHave a smack atHave the ball at one's feetI wonder at youIs at the end of his tetherKeck atKeep, hold at arm's lengthLive at rack and mangerLook askance atLook shy atMake eyes atMake two bites at a cherryNot at allNot have word to throw at dogNot to be sneezed atOne's gorge rises atOut at elbowsPayable at sightPoint atPoke fun atPop atRing at a doorRush atSergeant-at-armsSet at noughtShoot at roversSit at homeSnap atsnap at the chanceSnap one's fingers atSniff atSnip atStand at attentionStand at easeStay-at-homeStick atStick at nothingStrain atStrike at the rootStrike at the root ofTake one at his wordTenant at willTo atTurn up one`s nose atWag one's finger atWas at the end of his tetherWash one's dirty linen at homeWhere atWink atYou defend his veracity at the expense of his understanding
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