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A (a)A bad penny worthA bargainA bear with a sore headA beautyA blow for a blowA cake of soapA chance companion, meetingA close shaveA crushing replyA deep-seated diseaseA desperate stormA farm with its stockA felt wantA few sticks of furnitureA fieldA flaming descriptionA flash of hopeA fortoriA friend at courtA fundamental changeA gallows lookA going concernA hard row to hoeA heavy seaA host in himselfA lA large orderA laugh at one's expenseA lead towelA light or empty purseA locomotive personA long or heavy purseA man of broad acresA man of many acresA man of pleasing addressA man of senseA man of tasteA man of vast readingA mastermindA matter of opinionA miss is as good as a mileA near guessA near raceA nine-day's wonderA nut to crackA peck of dirtA peck of troubleA peg to hang onA penny for your thoughtsA pill to cure an earthquake.A place in the sunA posterioriA practical atheistA precarious existenceA present help in troubleA pretty mess you have madeA prima-facie caseA prioriA profitable speculationA prosy talkerA public manA quondam friend of mineA racing manA ringing frostA round oathA round styleA run on rubberA run on the bankA safe winnerA scurvy fellowA scurvy trickA sea of careA sea of troublesA seeming friendA smashing blowA solid manA splitting headacheA stakeA stout heartA straight backA straight fightA strained interpretationA straw shows, which way the, wind is blowingA stricken heartA Succession of disastersA superior personA sweet toothA terrible boreA thorn in one's sideA thousand apologiesA thousand thanksA thrill of joyA tight squeezeA touch of te tar brushA toush of the tar brushA towering angerA vexed questionA warm temperamentA web of liesA word in easonA word in seasonA word out of seasonA word with youA worm will turnA year and a dayA young man in a hurryA-bombAccessary to a crimeAdd little to a little and it will be a great heapAll of a suddenAm in a quandaryAny stick to beat a dogAs a ruleAs drunk as a sowAs sharp as a needleAs stiff as a pokerAs well be hanged for a sheep as for a lambAs will be hanged for a sheep as for a lambAt a pinchAt a premiumAt a stretchBe a fool for one's painsBe at a person's beck and callBear a grudgeBears the semblance of an angel and the heart of a devilBeat a retreatBegin a fresh chapterBirds of a featherBlind as a moleBob up like a corkBreak a promiseBuy a pig in a pokeCall a spade a spadeCame a cropperCan a leopard change his spotsCannot, is not, fit to hold a candle onCast a blame uponCast a chill overCatch a tartarCatch a weasel asleepCatch at a shadowCatch at a strawCatch at a tartarCatch up a habitCatts a lurid light onCherish a snake in one's bosomChild is a wonderCoax thing out of a personCome to a headConsiders himself a force in the worldCool as a cucumberCrack a bottleCrack a jokeCut a caperCut a toothDead as a door nailDevil of a manDid me a good or bad turnDie a dog's deathDie like a dogDig a pit forDistinction without a differenceDo a thing by halvesDo not care a rapDo you take me for a fool?Draw a parallel between two thingsDrunk as a piperDry as a chipEat a humble pieEngaged in a quasi warEvery cloud has a silver liningextract of a medicinalFace as long as a fiddleFall into a rageFind quarrel in a strawFit as a fiddleFor a changeFor one enemy he has a hundred friends.Generous to a faultGet a move onGive a ballGive a bit of one's mindGive a dog ill name and hang himGive a good accountGive a piece of one's mindGive a stone for breadGive a taste of one's qualityGive me a leg upGive one a leadGive one a wet shirtGood laws are the nerves of a stateGrant a respite toGrease a person's palmHad a good timeHad a royal timeHalf a loaf is better than no breadHang by a threadHas a heart of stoneHas a pleasant mannerHas a sneaking kindness for himHas a streak of humour in himHas not a leg to stand upHas not a souHas not a stiverHasn't a word to throw at a dogHave a bad nightHave a bee in one's bonnetHave a drop in one's eyeHave a finger in the pieHave a fling atHave a good mind toHave a person on a stringHave a plan up one's sleevesHave a rod in pickleHave a rough timeHave a smack atHave a stake in the countryHave a thirstHave a tile looseHe answered with a plump noHe had a sensation of stupidityHe is a man of settled convictionsHe is a scholar and a gentlemanHe is no more a lord than I amHe learned his generalship in a severe schoolHe lies like a gas-meterHe made a good scoreHead of a familyHis word is as good as a bondHitch one's wagon to a starI am a shade better todayI am a worm todayI have a word to sa,Ill weeds grow a paceIn a bad senseIn a bodyIn a chafeIn a crackIn a dead faintIn a fit of piqueIn a flashIn a fogIn a fretIn a general wayIn a jiffIn a mannerIn a nutshellIn a senseIn a stewIn face a lion, in heart a deerIs a lump of selfishnessIs a sealed book to meIs a stranger to meIs a Tory to the quickIs in a brown studyIs up against a hard jobIt cost me a cool thousandIt is a long lane that has no turningIt is a pityIt is a point of conscienceIt is a shinning exampleit is not a quarter as good as it should beIt is such a sapKeep a promiseKeep a stiff upper lipKeep step with a personKeeps a good cellarKick up a shindyKnows a thing or twoLabour under a mistakeLay it on thick or with a towelLay it on with a trowelLean on a reedLet a person stew in his own juiceLies like a gas-meterLike a drowned ratLike a gloveLike a hen with one chickenLike a shotLike a streak of lightingLike a TrojanLive in a small wayLives in a small wayLook for a needle in a bottle of hayMake a bid forMake a clean breast ofMake a clean sweepMake a flutterMake a hash ofMake a martyr of oneselfMake a mince meat ofMake a night of itMake a note ofMake a parade of one's virtuesMake a point ofMake a pounceMake a referenceMake a rod for one's own backMake a short work ofMake a sight of oneselfMake a splashMake a study ofMake a virtue of necessityMake a wry faceMake or kick up a rowMake the best of a bad bargainMake two bites at a cherryMuch of a muchnessMute as a fishNo chicken, not a chickenNo less a person thanNot a bitNot a dog's chanceNot a syllableNot fit to hold a candle toNot room to swing a catNot the ghost of a chanceNot turn a hairNothing to make a song aboutNourish a viper in one's bosomOf a pieceOf a sortOnce in a blue moonOnce in a wayOnce in a whileOne in a bundredOne in a thousandOne of a thousandOne swallow does not make a summerOne swollow does not make a summerOver a bottlePenny-a-linerPick a quarrel withPlain as a pike staffPlay a good knife and forkPoor as a church mousePride will have a fallPull a facePull a sanctimonious facePut a premium on fraudPut a stopper on somethingQualifies a person as scoundrelRaise a seigeReads like a threatRed as a turkey cockRide for a fallRide like a tailorRing at a doorRise to a point of orderRome was not built in a dayRose without a thornRub-a-dubRun a rigRun a riskSay a good word forSee far into a millstoneSell one a pupSend one away with a flea in his earServe a process or writServe a sentence Serve one a trickSet a person by the earSet a person on his feetSet one's face like a flintSet table in a roarSettle a person's hashSettle oneself in a chairShake a legSharp as a needleShow a clean pair of heelsShow a legSleed like a topSleep over a questionSlug a bedSmell a ratSold it for a songSon of a gunSound as a roach.Speak like a bookSpent a small fortune on itSpin a yarnSplit on a rockSpur a willing horseSpy upon a personStel a march onStick like a leechStop a bulletStop a toothStrain a pointStrike a balanceStrike a matchSuccess is merely a question of timeSuch a oneSwallow the pill, a bitter pillSwear like a trooperSweep a constituencySwell like a turkey cockTake a different viewTake a fancy toTake a leaf out of one's bookTake a person's popeTake a riskTake with a grain of saltTete-a-teteThat is a good oneThat is a play gameThe river makes a great SThere is a method in his madnessThese differences promise a stormThey have a good pressThis child is a positive tormentThis is a mercyThis would provoke a saint evenThrow a chestThrow a partyThrow a sprat to catch a herringThrow cold water on a planThrow one a kissTie a person's tongueTo a hairTo a person's costTo be marked with a TTo carry a good quillTo come to a dead stopTo conclude a bargainTo give one a fitTo have a qualmTo make a bonfire ofTo make a legTo make a long faceTo make a long story shortTo make a mess ofTo pretend to the hand of a lady in marriageTouch a stringTrun a man's battery against himselfTurn a man's battery against himselfTurn a somersaultTurn up again like a bad half-pennyTurn up again like a bad half-penny.Upsed a person's apple-cartVis-a-visWade through a bookWait a bitWas all for a trembleWe had a coffee of a kindWears a worried lookWhat a swell you areWhistle for a windWill give you a trialWill you do me a serviceWit a stroke of penWith a light heartWith a vegeanceWith a willWoman with a pastWoudl not touch him with a barge poleWould not touch with a pair of tongsWould pass in a crowdWring water from a flintWrites a good fistWthat a stomach he has got
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