raiseset on footto bring to a stand or to turn outto place or to stationto erect or to raiseto pitch (a tent) to stop to set up to baste to procure a fictitious person for some purpose or to build(vul.) make penis erectestablishset uprightto cause to stand upbuildinstituteto realize or to stir up(eace) procure a fictitious person for some purposeset upcause to standto set on foot or to institute

Urdu Meanings

بیت الخلاقائم کرناکھڑا کرناپوسناتربیت کرناگھوڑے الف ہونا(بول چال) پشتتعمیر کرناافزائش نسل کرناپرورش کرناپیٹھپچھلا حصہپالناپچھواڑہاٹھانا

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