Urdu Meanings

کوئی سانمبر ایکایک کے برابرایک ہیایک کا ہندسہپہلاوہ ہیایک واحدکوئی ایکپیوستہملا جلا

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Carry one of his feetOne of a thousandBe round with oneFor one enemy he has a hundred friends.Give one rope enough to hang himselfOne in a bundredTwo heads are beater than oneAny one worth his saltBid one welcomeBone to pick with some oneGive one the lie in his throatHis delight had one qualificationLie in the one has madeSell one a pupSuch a oneThrust one self or one's nose inTo be all over with oneTo give one a fitWith one voiceTen to one he forgets itTip one the winkOne fine dayOne in a thousandRub one the wrong wayShow one roundTouches one on the rawKick one upstairsOne by oneOne man`s meat is another man`s poisonMake one squealOne swallow does not make a summerSend one away with a flea in his earThat is a good oneBite off more than one can chewCut one another's throatFool one out of moneyForce upon oneGive as good as one getsGive one a leadGive one the slipGo one betterHave one on toastIt is all one to meKill two birds with one stoneOne the spotStrip one to the skinAsk one roundMake things warm for oneOne swollow does not make a summerShow one the doorCarry all before oneGive one a wet shirtGive one the cueLike a hen with one chickenMake one welcomePut one in the wrongServe one a trickStink one outI for one do not believe itIs one too many for himMould one like waxOne-sidedSix to oneThrow one a kissOne and allPut one to shameRough one up the wrong wayGive one ropeNo one can touch himPoint one with his wartsPut one up to the ropesMake one turn in his graveOne the high ropePut one wise toWith one consentGo better or one betterPay one back in the same coinSome one walking on my graveHas one redeeming featureMake convenience of oneNo better than one should bePay one in his own coinTake one at his word

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