cutreapto mutilate or to deductto strike out or to refute(of acid, etc.) corrodeto lay outto reap or to sawcleaveharvestserve(term of imprisonment)to cut or to clipcut (someone) shortspinspinningdissectto bite or to severto cleave or to eliminatecross someone's(path)(of shoe) pinchpass (one's day, time etc)divert (water)sunderto clear (land) or to dissecttrimbitemowseverstrike offclear (forest)deductdig (canal)while away (one's time )pruneto exclude or to intercepttraverse (distance)

Urdu Meanings

کترنامچھلی کا چارے کو کھٹکناکاٹنانکتہ چینی کرناکتر کے کھاناکھٹکارعیب جوئی کرناایک بار منہ مارنے کی گھاس کی مقدارحرف گیری کرنا

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