Urdu Meanings

اس کا اپنااس مرد کااس کا

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According to his own storyBeard the lion in his denCarry one of his feetGive him his dueHe swept his audience along with himset on his legsBites his nails to the quickYou defend his veracity at the expense of his understandingAll his geese are swansAm on his tracksAny one worth his saltCock on his own dunghillForce it out of his handGive one the lie in his throatHis delight had one qualificationHis fingers are all thumbsSet a person on his feetYoung for his yearsEnglishman's house is his castleFree of his moneyHis eye are bigger than his bellyHis former selfHis putative fatherIs serving his timePut person to his trumpsThe black ox has trod on his footThere is a method in his madnessHas his limitationsHis ideas are in solutionHis talk is all in superlativesSend one away with a flea in his earCannot call her soul his ownEvery man has his priceGive the devil his dueGone to his accountHe is out of his placeHis word is as good as a bondI tremble for his safetyIs beyond his tetherLet a person stew in his own juiceMake his flesh creepDog has his tail between his legsHe blames his wife and vice-versaHe was savaged by his horseHis fate is sealedHis fate trembles in the balanceHoist with his own petardRespect due to his clothAll is grist that comes to his millHis Satanic majestyMade him open his eyesHe is in his placeHe lives up to his incomeMistook his vocationThis will tickle his palateTrue of his saltHas lost his tongueHe must school his temperHis blood is upHis blood was upIs at the end of his tetherPut person through his pacesWith his hackles upCan a leopard change his spotsI know his fistIs very strange in his mannersLost the thread of his argumentPoint one with his wartsCan turn his hand to anythingDog wags his tailHe is his father's sonHe learned his generalship in a severe schoolHis better selfMake one turn in his graveOut of his jibAll his gese are swansLet him do his worstPeacock in his prideWas at the end of his tetherGive horse his headHis sun is setPay one in his own coinRepay his insolence in kindTake one at his word

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