be chockeddecreasebe mendedbe powderedsubsideto abateto be poundedto subside(of someone) be raised in prestigebe devaluedlessenlook nice onto be polishedbe close-shavenbe well-rubbedthe kneeto be full(of price) come down fallto be close friendsto lessen(of body) be well-builtbe poundedto be suffocatedto be shaved cleanto go down(of breath) be suffocated(of moon) waneto be depressedto become deficientbe substractedto dwindlebe loweredto be well cookedto decreasejoinkneeto be engaged in talking(of head, etc.) be tonsureddwindleto become allayed or appeased

Urdu Meanings

کم ہوناسمٹناسکڑنارو بہ تنزل ہوناقدر گھٹنااخلاقی حالت بگڑناگھٹنا

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