(usually used as plural)shacklesbasket used to irrigate fields withfetterswedlockshackles ; fetters ; irons ; chainboatcigarette with tobacco rolled in cheap leaves ; 'bidi'irons for animals' feeta kind of inferior cigarette with tobacco rolled in cheap leavesIron fastened to the legs of criminals or of a quadrupedwatering-basketboat-like bamboo basket for watering fieldsboat-like bamboo basket for watering fields ; watering-basket

Urdu Meanings

جولانزنجیر سے باندھناتوڑامستول بندغلام بنانالڑیجکڑناہتھکڑیکنٹھاحلقہ بگوش کرناگلوبندبیڑیزنجیرسلسلہ

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