insideinegotismIbleat [ONO.](usu. میں میں men ' men ) cry of goat, bleat [ONO.](usu. میں میں men' men) cry of goat, bleat [ONO.]within

Urdu Meanings

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At a stretchAt all eventsAt first sightAt sixes and sevensAt a pinchKeck atYou defend his veracity at the expense of his understandingAt onceBe at a person's beck and callBe at the bottom ofCatch at a shadowNot have word to throw at dogTurn up one`s nose atWash one's dirty linen at homeAll at onceAt issueBe at one' bestBite one's thumb atLive at rack and mangerPayable at sightShoot at roversAt choiceAt mostAt one's disposalCatch at a strawHave the ball at one's feetI wonder at youPop atRush atSit at homeStrike at the root ofAt restBe at one's bestBlind at nightBurn candle at both endsLook shy atPoke fun atSniff atAt a premiumAt the back ofHave a fling atsnap at the chanceStick atA laugh at one's expenseAt roostAt-homeLook askance atNot to be sneezed atStand at attentionAt bestAt oddsBe at odds with fateFly off at tangentPoint atSnip atAt all rightsAt dath's doorMake two bites at a cherryOne's gorge rises atSet at noughtStand at easeAt all timesAt timesHave a smack atNot at allA friend at courtAt once stern and tenderAt one's wits endAt one's wit's endAt the first blushBlush at sightIs at the end of his tetherStick at nothingTo atAt the same timeGentleman at largeHasn't a word to throw at a dogKeep, hold at arm's lengthOut at elbowsRing at a doorSnap atStay-at-homeTenant at willWhere atWink atAt all hazardsAt randomAt worstBarrister-at-lawCat my look at kingStrain atWag one's finger atSergeant-at-armsWas at the end of his tetherAt any rateAt parAt the worstAt your serviceCatch at a tartarMake eyes atSnap one's fingers atStrike at the rootTake one at his word

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