Urdu Meanings

اس کے ساتھ اوراور بھیاور

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Advance by leaps and boundsAt sixes and sevensBlow hot and coldPro and conPros and consRain cats and dogsSow wind and reap whirlwindUnless and untilAll and sundryAnd all thatBall and socketBread and butterBread and butter missBy and byCake and wineMove heaven and earthRight and leftUps and downsBe at a person's beck and callBell, book, and candleBetween the cup and the lipClaw me and I will claw theeFret and fumeRank and fashionSmash and grab raidSwim with the tide and streamThrough thick and thinBeer and skittlesBetween the devil and the deep seaEvery now and thenFair and good wordsFight with one's bread and butterGive a dog ill name and hang himHewers of wood and drawers of waterLive at rack and mangerMind one`s P`s and Q`sPick and choosePlay fast and loosePut two and two togetherSage and onionsThread and thrumTom, Dick and HarryBetween wind and waterFirst catch your hare and then cook himGive and takeHard and fast ruleMind your P's and Q'sNeck and neckNot worth powder and shotOdds and endsOut and awayPomp and circumstancePunch and judy.Bread and cheeseGrin and bear itover and again, now and againSins of omission and commissionTalk of the devil and he will appearThe shifts and changes of lifeWeal and woeBetween you and me and the bed postGo through fire and waterHaves and have-notslive and let liveLooked him thro and throNow and thenSword and purseTo rain cats and dogsWays and meansCheap and nastyFood for thought and meditation.He shifts and prevaricatesHither and thitherIns and outsNull and voidOnce and againPitch and toesPut this and that togetherRoot and branchAlpha and omegaBabies and sucklingsBag and baggageBed and boardChalk and cheeseChapter and verseFood and drinkHe blames his wife and vice-versaHigh and mightyHole and cornerMental and intellectual foodRide and tieRoll my log and i will roll yoursSo and soWhys and whereforeAdd little to a little and it will be a great heapagain and again, time and againCat and mouse actGive him an inch and he will take an ellHear and tremblejekyll and HydeLive and learnMuch cry and little woolPoke about, poke and pryPro and contraPut that in your pipe and smoke itThe rubs and worries of lifeBears the semblance of an angel and the heart of a devilBeat black and blueHue (hue and cry)Out and outPlay a good knife and forkProfit and loss accountScissors and pasteServe and attachmentThe rank and fileAll and someAt once stern and tenderBy fits and startsCake and aleGo for wool and come home shornLock, stock and barrelOne and allOver the walnuts and the wineServe and executionThis was meat and drink to himWade through slaughter and bloodYou and yoursBack and forthBetween upper and nether millstoneBubble and squeakHigh and dryIn season and out of seasonLoaves and fishesOver heads and earsRip and WinkleSpick and spanUnder one's vine and fig-treeWaifs and straysWax and waneA year and a dayBill and CooBreed in and inKeep body and soul togetherOff and onOver and abovePop in and outThe arts and sciencesThis that and the otherThis, that and the otherTo and froWatch and wardAll is fair in love and warBlack and whiteCloth of gold and silverCock and bull storyFlood of tears and words.Hold with the hare and run with the houndIs only skin and bonesOne's own flesh and bloodPlain living and high thinkingThe long and shortWear and tearWell and goodBetween Scylla andBetween you and meCollective and severalDarby and JoanFlesh and bloodHe is a scholar and a gentlemanTooth and nailWith might and main

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