jaR کے انگریزی معنی

(in gram) a preposition(lit.) neighbour |A|(Plural) حیران jiran'a kind of blue flower [P]a refugeea root basis originbitter (foe)blood (relation)collectioncry of a proclaimerdraggingdrawingfoundationgenitive casegiving 'kasrah''kasrah' at end of wordNeighbournothing comes out of a sack but what is put in itone seeking shelter origin partner (in trade)postwarrecollectionreffectionrootrootcauseshelteredstemthat gives 'zer' (') to wordsthat puts in genitive or dative casethe vowelthuswealthwho or what draws or attracts

jaR کے مترادفات

jaR کے معنی

اجر دینے والابن مولبے حرکتبے حسجس پر کسی بات کا اثر نہ ہوجڑنا کادانت کی جڑدیکھئے: جڑسرد مہرمردہ دل

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